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    As one of the world's largest affiliate networks, Medley is dedicated to helping webmasters make money - and lots of it. With billions of clicks generated per month, and millions of dollars paid out to affiliates every year, our clients enjoy some of the highest profit margins in the industry.

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  • Media Buys

    Media Buys

    Working with networks and individual marketers, the Medley Ad Buy team uses an active approach to optimizing client conversions and returns. With the best tracking and optimization tools in the business, we ensure our ad buys and traffic acquisitions get the best ROI. That translates to lots of happy, well-paid webmasters.

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Creative Ad Technology At Work

As the Medley Network continues to grow, so does the marketing potential for our clients. With social networking and niche sites, as well as a host of analytics tools, Medley is constantly adding new, innovative ways for clients to reach a larger audience.

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